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Our History, Present and Future

Our History

On February 23, 1997…a vision came to life!

A small group of people with a big vision, a big mission, and a cry for more of God came together to find Kingdom purpose under the leadership of two fearless visionaries, Mary Stebleton and Ardella Darst.

God demonstrated His presence and power every time we met.  Many years were spent laying foundations for our journey through prayer and intercession, in-depth study of God’s Word, one-on-one discipleship and mentoring, relationship building through small groups and most importantly spending hours in God’s presence in deep worship and praise. Many lives have been forever changed because of the costly investment made by just a few initially.

Our Present

Holding fast to our core values of prayer, worship, and relentless pursuit of the transforming truth of God’s written and spoken word, we journey forward…to create a sustainable place for God’s presence, cultivate a culture of love and honor, nurture the value of team over individual contributors, practice authenticity and sincerity, discover and develop our God-given gifts, grow in wisdom and maturity, and allow ourselves to be equipped to establish God’s Kingdom in the hearts of men.

Our Tomorrows

We believe that when God’s Kingdom is fully alive and activated in our hearts, it looks like something! We can be free! We can be empowered! We have infinite value! People of diverse ages, cultures, races, and gender can live together in a community! People full of potential can live in the full expression of all they were created to be! Those stuck in the confinements of religion or confusion can find freedom and peace! The fatherless find a Father! Those who are alone find families!

As we join ourselves to our Heavenly Father, we connect to our unique purpose. When we join ourselves with a local family of believers, we connect to a family purpose, greater than ourselves but uniquely designed for us. When that local church family, we can do even greater works than Jesus did! Find your passion…find your place…find your purpose. The whole world needs to hear this good news!